Maison Romande




The "Maison Romande de la Propreté", inaugurated the 23th of April 2004, is a fundamental pillar in the creation of a complex regulatory and institutional framework in the professional cleaning, together with the introduction of minimum wages and conditions of labor framework. The school was created by the professional association FREN and from joint funds.

This non-profit foundation is jointly managed by a board of statutory auditors and masters. The classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual medias in order to promote an optimal use of educational medias.

They teach the basic techniques for the more advanced and specialized practices in hospitals, nutrition, airport’s activities, rails, etc.

The "Maison Romande de la Propreté" offers some continuing educations for adults, apprenticeships with CFC for cleaner in the building, a federal Patent for specialists in cleaning building and a Federal Diploma for cleaner. The MRP also provides tailored formations for executives, for crews of cleaners and for managerial staffs responsible for the maintenance of the buildings.

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