The Institute of Research and Information on Volunteering (iriv) is a free private institution, non profit, independent of public administrations and economic interests, with the aim to enrich the public debate and inform on volunteering issues :

  • by realizing and publishing studies for non-profit associations, public or private organizations;
  • by improving knowledge on the voluntary sector among the general public, the medias and any non profit, public or private organization working or willing to work with the non profit sector;
  • by training volunteers and employees of associations and any organization involved in community life;
  • by organizing colloquium, symposium, conferences or being invited in them ;
  • by editing a Newsletter since September 2004 on the different aspects of volunteering (

The Institute for Research and Information on Volunteering (iriv) was created in 1997 by Bénédicte Halba, doctor in Economics. Iriv's Team is deeply involved in achieving “iriv” issues ; their status reflect this involvement.

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