The ECAP Foundation is a non-profit charitable institute for adult education and research which was founded by the Italian labor union CGIL and has been active in Switzerland since 1970.

With twenty training centers, more than seven hundred collaborators and more than forty thousand people who annually attend the activities, ECAP is one of the largest education institutions for active adults in Switzerland.

Overall, the regional centers organize every year more than four thousand courses, information sessions and projects concerning language training, career training, education and basic training. We also deal with Active Measures of the Labor Market (MAML) and with those supporting the integration of migrants

R&D, Research and Development, is the office study and research of the ECAP Foundation. It is headquartered in Lamone (Lugano) and depends directly by the President of the Foundation.

Since 1996 it has the function of promoting and coordinating the activities of research, innovation and teaching experimentation undertaken by the Foundation and is actively involved in research on changes in the labor market, training of trainers, design and evaluation of training projects as well as support the creation of small businesses. It is equipped with a competence center for language learning, located in Biel/Bienne.

The Office operates on the basis of the requirements of the Foundation and in collaboration with other public and private institutions for research and education. It carries out analysis of training needs and provides consulting and research in the context of national and European projects and on behalf of third parties.

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