Final meeting in Biel/Bienne

The final meeting, that took place in Biel/Bienne the 28th and the 29th of August 2014, included also an important event: the Final Public Conference (see also the timetable in the section Download), where the results of the project were discussed. Furthermore, the Consortium had a last opportunity to discuss about the last issues of the project, particularly on remarks on the Final Conference, on the dissemination activities and on the exploitation opportunities.

Meeting in Ljubljana

During the III Transnational Meeting, that took place in Ljubljana the 19th and the 20th of May 2014, the Consortium discussed about the state of the art of the project. In particular, the partners focus the attention on the needs of adaptation of the Matrix after the piloting phase, the initiatives (focus group, workshops,...) undertaken by each partner, the dissemination activities, the exploitation opportunities of Valbuk and the structure of the deliverables of the project.

Beginning of the Piloting!

We are glad to announce that the Piloting in Switzerland has finally started. You can collect more information here.

Section "Download" updated

It is possible, from now, to visualize and download the last version of the VQTS Matrix concerning the cleaning sector. You can find it on the section Download.

It is also available the flyer of the project VALBUK. 


Meeting in Paris

20.06.2013 - 21.06.2013 II Transnational Meeting (Paris)

During the II Transnational Meeting, that took place in Paris the 20th and the 21th of June 2013, the partners discussed about the progress of the project. In particular, the Consortium focus the attention on the definitive version of the Matrix and on the last details of the Website.


Valbuk, new website!

Our new web site it's online!



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